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Taste of Magic

follow for character profiles from the magic the gathering story lines and other flavorful goodness
Oct 16 '14


Video about the new MTG board game! 2-5 players, looks awesome!

So this is just a repurposed hero scape isn’t it?

You have interlocking hex tiles for the board. Illustrations of your models that show where their line of sight is and what parts of the model are considered a target. Dice with 3 attacks and 2 defense. Glyphs that can interact with models or be objectives. Pre configured scenarios.

It’s all from heroscape! The rights to which were bought by Hasbro from Milton Bradley and the game was later discontinued. I collected a huge amount of expansions for this game back in the day.

Sep 24 '14






Does anyone have any suggestions for stuff to put into a 5 color superfriends EDH deck?


Ajani, MoH for card draw. Xenagos for mana plus creature ramp. Domri Rade because he’s fucking crazy. New Garruk.

Domri actually kinda sucks in a superfriends build because you won’t be playing a whole lot of creatures compared to what Domri wants

Sep 19 '14


Aren’t streets usually named after people who have died?

too soon. 



Aren’t streets usually named after people who have died?

too soon. 

Sep 14 '14

marobot5401 asked:

Do you think a set could use dragons the way Avacyn Restored did Angels? (Light Angel tribal elements, Angels at uncommon, an above-average number of rare/mythic Angels, etc.)


I think any of the iconics have a chance at that, dragons more so than the rest.

Dragons in Louie? Maybe? Am I reading too much into MaRo’s responses these days?

Sep 14 '14


More WIP shots

I know I’m looking at the wrong part of the picture, but I like how her head has the exact same expression and head tilt in both pictures, yet her hair is a much different length in the two, meaning they were probably taken at different times. Now I am wondering if she made the top first and her hair grew to the length in this skirt picture, or if she made the skirt first and cut her hair before making the top. But either way I do enjoy card armor, so Good job!

Sep 14 '14

catherine-is-a-lemon asked:

Doesn't the hound fall off of the the turtle when it attacks though? Is that the joke? I'm just confused sorry.

Yes, sadly the hound would simply fall off if the turtle attacked, and indeed the turtle must attack, because the dog is telling it to. This is what is referred to by some as a nonbo, the opposite of a combo. A combination of cards or mechanics that do nothing when used together.

One of my favorite nonbos I’ve ever seen played was in a limited event where a guy played rancor on his fog bank. (Fog bank is a small wall that prevents all combat damage dealt to it, but also prevents any damage it deals. So giving it +2/+0 and trample is a pretty horrible play. Not to mention a big upside of Rancor is that when the creature it enchants dies, Rancor returns to you hand, but now it is on a fog bank, which the owner has to go out of his way to kill if he wants the Rancor back, because merely chump blocking would not kill the fog bank!)

But I digress. To sum up, yes it is a useless combo, I merely saw a gif of a dog riding a turtle, and these two cards popped into my head. Especially since the hound has bestow and can be thought to be riding the creature it’s enchanting. It gave me a good chuckle, and I love sharing laughter so I made the post.

Thank you for the question, that is probably much more of an answer then you were looking for.

Sep 13 '14



Watch out for this combo this fall. 

Wouldn’t the Mogis’ Warhound (I’m assuming it’s  bestowed) just fall off when the turtle exiles itself after attacking?

Yes I will admit this does not do anything when you put the cards together, but it is pretty funny.

Sep 13 '14

I love last laugh, I used to drive all my friends crazy with my last laugh multiplayer deck. Death Frenzy makes me want to rework it, they work so well together!

Sep 13 '14

Watch out for this combo this fall. 

Sep 13 '14

the-letter-seven asked:

could you please explained to the less knowledgeable what the fuss with storm crow is?



Come here.

(Looks around to make sure no one’s watching)

It’s a very weak card that the community likes to joke is horribly overpowered.

(starts talking loudly so everyone can here)

I hear a single tear of a Storm Crow could cure all illness. Too bad one’s never cried.

Actually, let me share another bit of info with you all:

The reason the joke exists is that Storm Crow’s first printing was from Alliances. Alliances is well known for the printing of one particular Legacy staple - Force of Will. At the time, Force of Will was called the best card in magic (and rightfully so), and that it made every blue card ever printed also the best card in magic, since it fueled the pitch. The joke was that even Storm Crow, an otherwise unplayable card, was overpowered and broken because it was pitchable to Force of Will.

The joke stuck around long after and continues to this day, creating a trend of jokes surrounding unplayable cards that are joked to be overpowered. Such cards include Chimney Imp and Charging Badger, though the latter is loved on account of its Badger status more than its poor stats.

I think at some point after the storm mechanic came out, the joke expanded even more because Storm Crow is a storm card, storm cards are broken, therefore Storm Crow is broken.