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Taste of Magic

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Jul 18 '14

If you’re an unknown Mtg blog






REBLOG If you’re not widely known in the fandom! Let’s spread the word!


I’m looking through the notes on this and finding new blogs to follow. : D

Reblogging, not ‘cause I need followers, but because my followers need more Magic on their dashes.

Hello, Magic Tumblr community. Come follow my blog and maybe not get eaten by Hydras! Maybe!

Jul 16 '14
"Unlike other planes, Shandalar does not have a fixed location in the Multiverse: it forever drifts through the Blind Eternities, the space between the planes. Abnormally mana-rich, Shandalar is a place where magic flows freely, from the wilds of Kalonia and the kingdom of Thune to the shadows of Xathrid, the peak of Valkas, and the remote Evos Isle. It was once home to the Onakke, an ogre civilization adept at using the plane’s abundant mana to craft artifacts of terrible power. Now the inhabitants of this unusual plane must combat the growing hive mind of the slivers, an ever-evolving race that threatens to consume their world."

Welcome to Shandalar

(via mtgfan)

Shandalar is a cool plane. It’s where a lot of cards from the core sets come from these days. Shandalar also dates way back to Ice Age. After the Brothers war in Antiquities, Dominaria and 11 other planes were broken off of the rest of the multiverse. This group of planes became a shard that was not connected to the rest of the multiverse and any planeswalker born on one of these planes or unlucky enough to be there when it happened was essentially trapped and cut off from the blind enternities. The one way back to Dominaria or off it turned out to be Shandalar. Since Shandalar travels as it wills around the multiverse, it turned out it got close to the shard with the isolated planes and they were able to reconnect with the multiverse through some heroic actions and the Ice Age was ended.

Jul 14 '14

Some Khans of Tarkir Facts and Speculation



Things We Know for Sure:

  • It is a Large-Small-Large block. Source
  • They are doing something they have never done before with the block structure. Source
  • The block contains two things that players have been wanting for a long time. Source
  • One of them is something they are bringing back after a long absence.
  • The other is something they haven’t done yet.
  • Tarkir is the home plane of Sarkhan Vol. There used to be mighty dragons on Tarkir, but they have all been killedSource & Source
  • The other two sets in the block are unknown, but the names Dragons of Tarkir and Warlords of Khanar have also been trademarked by Wizards of the Coast.
  • There are cards in Magic 2015 that are seeds for Khans of Tarkir. Source
  • Dragons are the most popular iconic creature type. Source

Speculation Based on this Info:

  • They’ve definitely done Large-Small-Large before, but they have not done Large-Small-Large in which all three sets are drafted together. That might be the unique element about the block structure that they’ve been hinting at.

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Jul 14 '14

Only a month until Gen Con. I need to figure out what commander decks I’m going to take. Anybody else going? If so what are you brining?

Jul 10 '14

SDCC Planeswalkers Return!



Here’s to hoping that it’s not as limited as last time. A lot of people who showed up to the San Diego Comic Convention last year couldn’t even get their own copy, and they currently go for $600 on Ebay.

This will make completing my “every planeswalker ever printed” collection much much harder…

Jul 3 '14

Drafted a black lotus in MTGO tonight. That’s it, I’ve won magic. 

Jul 3 '14

The GP Orlando playmat is so awesome! Too bad I probably won’t be able to afford it haha


The GP Orlando playmat is so awesome! Too bad I probably won’t be able to afford it haha

Jul 2 '14



Hornets in the core set again, Maro’s going to be mad. Really cool design though. 

Jul 1 '14

Question Marks - Look what you’ve done!
I present my preview card for Magic 2015.

Finally a card where she’s wearing the goggles! It’s what we’ve been asking for so long lol. And the ability that was talked about on the blogatog. This has to be the most tumblr inspired card ever.


Question Marks - Look what you’ve done!

I present my preview card for Magic 2015.

Finally a card where she’s wearing the goggles! It’s what we’ve been asking for so long lol. And the ability that was talked about on the blogatog. This has to be the most tumblr inspired card ever.

Jul 1 '14

Still working on my US presidents magic set. Here are some of my favorite designs. So I’ve made two ability words for the set, that are meant to be somewhat educational, somewhat interesting. Only one is seen here which is Assassinated. This appears on presidents that were assassinated and has some effect when the creature dies. It’s pretty much a more limited version of morbid. The other one that will appear on three presidents is impeach. Technically only two presidents were impeached, but Nixon most likely would have been impeached if he had not resigned. Impeached I haven’t entirely worked through, but the creatures it appears on will have a powerful ability, but when you activate that ability an opponent can impeach it. Then the ability will still go off at a reduced effect and the opponent has to pay something like mana or sacrificing a permanent, something along those lines. It’s a punisher mechanic, similar to tribute to an extent.  

Anyway, I did want to give a brief explination for some of the cards I’m showing. So these designs are based on stuff the presidents did or said. First up is old George Washington. 

General Washington - I wanted to make George red/white/blue just because it seemed fun. I gave him the ability to destroy a treefolk, because there’s a story about how he chopped down a cherry tree. It’s not really a thing a red/white/blue creature would probably do, but it seemed fun. Also he boosts other creatures, he was known to be a great rallier of people and finally he gives soldiers islandwalk when he attacks. This is a reference to crossing the Delaware River. 

Thomas Jefferson - His first ability is a reference to the Louisiana purchase. Granted the land purchase was quite huge, but Louisiana is known for having many swamps, so he searches for a swamp. Also he can search out small artifacts because he was known to be a bit of an inventor and made little gadgets. 

William Henry Harrison - He appears as a rather weird creature, and probably useless in most cases, but WHH died after 30 days in office, so he didn’t do much as a president. The story goes that when he took oath of office it was raining, he got pneumonia and never recovered. 

Abraham Lincoln - First ability is kinda like freeing the slaves. It doesn’t sound quite as good when you write it out and they’re just going back to their owner, but hopefully you get what I was going for. Second ability, when he died the Civil War ended shortly afterwards and the Union got all the south back. It got “land” back if you want to stretch it a little, so that’s how I came up with that. 

Rutherford B. Hayes - Another odd design, I took some ques from the card Near-Death experience. Rutherford B. Hayes ended up winning the presidency by a single vote of the electoral college despite loosing the popular vote by close margin. 

Teddy Roosevelt, Rough-Rider - Teddy is a fun president, he did a lot of cool things before, after and during his president. So I piled on a few things for him. One he gets a bear token. This is a reference to a hunting trip where he refused to shoot a tied up bear because it couldn’t defend itself. Afterwards a toy maker made the first “teddy bear” and it became a big deal. Even today there are still teddy bears. Mountainwalk is because he charged up San Juan Hill with the Rough-riders. And the final ability is a reference to a famous quote he said which was “speak softly and carry a big stick” so I knew I wanted to do something with equipment. 

Finally we have Taft. Taft is famous for doing pretty much nothing major during his presidency. He was a very large man, and a fattie in magic is a large creature, so he’s a large creature. I also chose to make him my only vanilla president because he was so famous for doing almost nothing. He also was quoted many times about how he hated politics and didn’t even really want to run for president.