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Taste of Magic

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Jul 25 '13

I’ve been working on this for months getting ready for the baby. I’m so excited! My wife is due in a month.

I went through so much painter’s tape, you wouldn’t believe. All together though, I spent less than $100 on supplies, paint, tape a few new brushes. The big part of it is just the huge chunk of time it takes.

I drew the sprites on the wall with a pencil and a level with measurements on it. I went with 1 inch squares, originally I considered doing 1/2 inch squares but that would have been much harder. 

If you take up a project like this I found the best source of paint is sample size containers of regular wall paint from Home Depot or Lowes’. They cost about $3 each and have more than double the volume than the craft paints you get at fabric stores for $1-$2 and they’re actually made to cover walls so they tend to need less coats. 

Also don’t be afraid to spend a little extra for nice brushes, I had some brushes I bought at a craft store for $7 and a pack of 5 brushes I got at Home Depot for $2 and you could really tell the difference. The cheap brushes were constantly loosing bristles.

To get a nice even coat and reduce the amount of times you need to go over it again I found that fluffy soft brushes worked best. The harder the bristles the more paint will come off when you brushing and can leave lots of lines in the paint where you can see underneath. 

Other than that you just have to take your time and remember you can always cover up a mistake here or there. 

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